The autumnal equinox has a good solar term, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the flowers are fragrant, and the autumn wind is refreshing. I wish you health and good health, and the day and night will be cool tomorrow. Pay attention to keeping warm and keep in mind. I hope you don't go to the hospital and don't take medicine. The god of wealth will find you every day. Life is happy every day, and happiness will closely surround you! Zhongyuan Innovation Material Powder Conveying Pump Co. LTD firmly believes that "quality and customer satisfaction are the life of the enterprise", and continues to pursue more stable Powder conveying pump ,Double shaft humidifying mixer,Screw transfer pump,TL Air lift pump,Ash return pump,Jet transfer pump,Environmental dust collector,Airflow delivery pump,Low pressure pneumatic powder conveying pump ,Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump products and more reliable customer service.

Make good quality control of raw materials


Strictly control the equipment quality of powder conveying pump equipment, pneumatic conveying equipment and other products

Each batch of material powder conveying pump equipment into the factory, there is a special quality inspection department for testing

Strictly in accordance with the unqualified equipment not allowed into the factory principle, the original equipment quality control


Carefully manufactured, strict quality control

In each link of the production process, the construction process is sampled by full-time quality inspection personnel

Unqualified semi-finished products are not allowed to flow to the next process

Unqualified material powder conveying pump equipment and pneumatic conveying equipment will not be put on the market



Ensure the continuity of product quality management


In the whole process of production strictly powder conveying pump equipment, pneumatic conveying equipment inspection and product delivery

And conscientiously carry out self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and other means to ensure the continuity and traceability of product quality management to the market

Implement the commodity flow system, that is, the previous process is responsible for the next process, the next process strictly to the previous process unqualified products into the contract responsibility system


Company Profile
The company strives for survival through quality, creates a market through reputation, and the projects involved have received unanimous recognition and praise from customers and society

Why choose Zhongyuan Innovation?

Zhongyuan Innovation Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production of material powder conveying pump equipment enterprises. Based on the introduction of advanced technology, the company cooperated with the Building Materials Research Institute to develop a new type of low-pressure pneumatic conveying pump, which solved various problems of different types of pneumatic conveying equipment for international customers. Widely used in power ash removal, cement homogenization and warehousing, conveying a variety of powder materials, low energy consumption, complete sealing. Low pollution, no maintenance, air source can choose Roots fan, compressed air.
After years of development, the company has formed three product systems: low pressure pneumatic conveying equipment, mechanical conveying equipment and ash storage equipment. Products are widely used in cement, electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. The company has established a quality management system from parts processing to whole machine assembly. All products use computer aided system optimization design.

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